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Family Law

When you are considering filing for divorce, you will need an attorney who understands Tennessee family law and can help with property division, child custody issues and support issues. If you have a minor child born out of wedlock, we can assist you with filing the necessary documents to legitimize your minor child, set a visitation schedule and determine child support for the benefit of the minor child.

Divorce & Custody

No one can pinpoint why so many marriages end in divorce these days, but when a relationship becomes difficult, divorce or separation often is the next step. If there are minor children in the family, additional issues to resolve include child custody, support and visitation. At Ainley Law, PLLC we know how hard these matters can be for couples. We understand and are ready to offer compassionate, honest legal support to all individuals and couples who need help in this area of law practice.

Ainley Law, PLLC

People in northwest Tennessee turn for legal advice and representation to Ainley Law, PLLC. We have been helping couples develop creative solutions to relationship problems since we first opened our doors, in 1992. Laws and options changed over time, but we remain on top of all new developments and are ready to offer strong legal representation for divorce and custody issues. We serve people from Henry, Benton, Carroll, Decatur, Humphreys, Weakley, Stewart, Obion, Gibson and other surrounding counties in northwest Tennessee.

Tennessee Divorce/Custody Attorney

Our attorneys offer a variety of family law services, in addition to their other legal services. When people need experienced Tennessee divorce/custody attorneys, Ainley Law, PLLC is ready to serve. We know that many personal issues are included in these general areas of relationship problems. People sometimes can resolve their issues through Mediation and other alternatives to litigation. When minor children are involved, custody and support can become very emotional and contentious issues.

We help people make informed decisions about critical life matters that are also legal concerns, like divorce and custody.

To learn how we can help you and your family, contact Ainley Law, PLLC in Paris, Tennessee. Call us now, at (731) 642-0178.

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