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When a person is injured or harmed due to the fault of another individual or entity, they are entitled to compensation for damages under tort law. As long as negligence of the other party is established and there are damages, you can file a viable lawsuit. Common personal injury cases include auto accidents, on-premises slips and falls, product liability, dog bites, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse. 

When you are considering filing for divorce, you will need an attorney who understands Tennessee family law and can help with property division, child custody issues and support issues. If you have a minor child born out of wedlock, we can assist you with filing the necessary documents to legitimize your minor child, set a visitation schedule and determine child support for the benefit of the minor child.

If you or a loved one or friend are facing criminal accusations, charges, or have already been convicted, it is time to get experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys working hard for your benefit. At Ainley Law, PLLC, in Paris, Tennessee and Franklin, Tennessee, we know how to develop excellent defense cases for all types of criminal offenses. Our clients get top quality legal services, respect and honest advice at our law firm. We have been serving people from northwest Tennessee since 1992.

Many people believe that there are few problems associated with most real estate transactions. However, if you do not have an attorney to review documents including purchase and sale agreements, loan agreements and assist with closing, you could be facing legal problems that you have not considered.

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